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“Net Profit Explosion” Method

Timing The Market

Questions to Ask Your Professionals

Comprehensive Property Assesment


I have been in Real Estate sales long enough to know that I could get away with being a pretentious uptight jerk just to try and seem important. Instead, I treat others the way I would like to be treated (thanks mom!).


Yes I have won plenty of awards, but I would never brag about them because the awards are only given for sales volume or income. Truth is, all of that doesn’t mean a damn thing if you are made to feel like just another sale or a dollar sign. Unfortunately there are no awards for the areas I aspire to be great at: client care, beyond sale follow up and always dealing with integrity.


The only “awards” I can take pride in are the words sent to me from clients. To see what they have to say in detail feel free to request actual scanned copies of testimonials. My focus on what really matters: your safety, comfort and satisfaction; is why I have clients referring their family, friends, neighbors and coworkers.” (change quote)


Brandon Talbot | Your GTA Home Guy

Timing The Market

Too many sellers are trying to “time the market”

Should you focus on that overall?

Questions To Ask Your Professionals


These quick downloadable resources will clear up some things you may really want to know about the related professionals you need to have on your side!


Comprehensive Property Assessment

Having an idea of what to do WAY before you want to sell is a better idea. I partner with sellers long before their intended move to help them net a lot more.

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